Regulation Courses

    The chef Rosanna Marziale has designed for 2014 new cooking classes to promote the love of food with the help of the most advanced equipment Schettino Kitchens Naples but also to develop and hone their culinary skills through a sensory journey where everyone will perceive sensations and emotions thanks to the senses sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

    Classes are held at the restaurant Columns Caserta and will last about 3 hours.

    Lectures where the chef and his team will carry out the recipes created for every occasion explaining step by step the techniques and characteristics of individual foods, will continue in the room with the room where they will be explained by the Sommelier wine food pairings.

    Participants have included handouts with recipes to use both in class and at home.

    For info and reservations must write an e-mail to: or call 0823-467494


    To participate in the courses to enroll and pay the appropriate portion, at least 5 days before the start of the course.

    The registrations can be made:
    - Directly at the headquarters of the cooking school / restaurant Columns in Viale Giulio Douhet 7/9 Caserta
    - By phone at 0823467494 every day from 8.00 to 17.00 (closed on Tuesdays)
    - Sending request by email at:
    The course fee includes the raw materials used for recipes, educational materials released to members, full lunch.


    The payment of the registration fee can be made using one of the following ways:
    - Bank transfer
    - Credit card Visa or Master card with authorization to use indicating the number and expiry date of credit card
    - Cash
    The invoice must be requested at the time of communicating the full name of the VAT number or tax identification number and will be sent by mail or by mail.


    Want to surprise someone?
    You can make enrollments as a gift to a friend / or.
    The invitation to the course will be delivered directly to the e mail address of the person you want.


    The courses will be activated only if you reach the minimum number of students. In case of cancellation by the School members can:
    1) recall the lesson in choosing another calendar
    2) be refunded the registration fee by bank transfer.


    Each member has the right to withdraw pursuant to Article 1373 cod. civ. paragraph 1. The arrangements for withdrawal are as follows:
    A – Reimbursement: – Up to 8 days before the course, will be refunded to the member participation fee if already paid.
    B – Within the period of four days the school gives the opportunity to:
    1) recover with another lesson in calendar
    2) Find a substitute following notification via e-mail.
    C – Over a period of three days, the registration fee will be charged for 50% of the total and the remaining 50% can be reused the prox. time.
    Q – In case of no-show at the course without notice as indicated above, the amount paid is not refundable for any reason or cause.
    In all cases, the denunciation shall be notified by e-mail at:

    Responsible courses: Maria Marziale
    Administrative manager: Talita Dobrich
    Head room and sommelier: Victor Beat

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