Ready to take away

    Dear customers, our kitchens are open for take-away and also for home delivery with a selection of courses designed for a special lunch or dinner that you can pick up from us.

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    Ready to Take away

    Sunday Menu


    Send an email  to or call n. +39 0823467494 / +39 3516006631

    Our most original and delicious dishes, prepared in our kitchen and packaged to be carried anywhere.

    Home delivery schedules
    Mon-Thu until the h.16
    Fri-Sun until the h.18.30
    Tuesday closed


    Ready to Take away Schedules
    Mon-Thu 11.30-16
    Fri-Sun 11.30-21
    Tuesday closed
    Days and times are subject to change



    Le Colonne Restaurant – Via G. Douhet 7 near the “Reggia di Caserta”

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