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  • cena-grandi-chef

    Saremo presenti il 19 novembre 2015 a EATALY SMERALDO per SAPORI FREEDHOME

    Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian...

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  • dolci2

    New Year’s Eve 2015 – Shots of Taste

    Did they know that the columns in addition to being a Michelin star restaurant is also a bakery that bakes panettone delicious like chocolate, beer or coffee. Rosanna Marziale does not miss a mention of his favorite ingredient: the buffalo (understood not only mozzarella). Codfish oil olive powder an...

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  • timthumb


    excerpt from the article on In the world of haute cuisine, you know, the female figures tend unfortunately scarce. If up to 60 years ago the woman was heavily influenced by that golden stereotypes still difficult to eradicate that saw her confined to a type of cuisine essentiall...

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  • qualità_del_cibo-660x330

    From farm to fork – Radio Interview

    Listen to the radio interview By Alessandro El Khoury. Voice of Michael Cristofoletti. Mounting Giulia Raffaelli. Speakers: Rosanna Marziale (Chef), Cinzia Scaffidi (Vice Slowfood Italy), Roberta Pellizzoli (Researcher. An expert in agricultural and rural development policies and empowerment of women...

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  • rosanna-marziale

    Cooking with the Chef starry Rosanna Marziale –

    Article on This is an excerpt: Tradition, high quality products and experimentation are the words that represent the kitchen diRosanna Martial, Michelin star chef of the renowned restaurant Le Columns of Caserta, now a reference point in the culinary world Italian. A simple woman, kind...

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  • fineding

    Our chef on

    Article on This an extract from the article Ambassador of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP and one of the most interesting representatives of the new Southern cuisine Italian, made up of ideas and great ingredients. Rosanna Marziale is the chef of the restaurant of Cas...

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  • 0artu

    Our Chef Arthur month of May / June 2015

    Publication in the magazine industry Arthur May / June 2015   Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian...

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  • 6-la-chef-rosanna-marziale-descrive-i-piatti-proposti-nella-cena-degli-avanzi-500x375

    Rosanna Marziale of Corriere della Sera web

    A beautiful article published in Corriere della Sera on our Web chef Rosanna Marziale This is an excerpt: Today is one of the most famous Italian chefs in our country, but the road to success has been long and challenging. “I have followed many courses, I was apprenticed to masters of national ...

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  • Tzimtzum ok OK-1

    The streets of Mozzarella home chef Rosanna Marziale

    The April 13, 2015 at 18 Streets of Mozzarella home chef Rosanna Marziale This an extract from the article published on Conviviality at the table comes with Rosanna Marziale Le Colonne in Caserta, and his idea of ​​pasta, mozzarella and pummarola the Tzimtzum. I...

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  • DSC07822

    Rosanna Marziale host the final of Masterchef 4

    The FINAL MasterChefIt approaches: Thursday at 21.10 exclusively on Sky One the highly anticipated final chapter! Last duel of the season for MasterChef, which will be tackled Amelia, Stephen and Nicholas. Special guest on the final episode of Masterchef 4 the starry chef Rosanna Marziale of the reno...

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