La Carta Marziale

    La Carta Marziale is a menu, is an illustrated booklet, is a collection of minimal stories. Stories of products and recipes, mental and physical itineraries. La Carta Marziale teaches the origin of the ingredients that chef Rosanna Marziale uses for her meals preparation. Thanks to that the customer or the tourist can create, if they want, a map of regional food excellences.  The meaning of words like DOP IGP Slow Food place becomes more familiar.

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    They are aperitifs made to be tasted with your palate, eyes, nose, fingertips, but also with the ears. They arrive words to the ears, sounds, music. Because the chef would like to tell about the food, as well as to make it.
    She is sure that her meals are better not only if you know the ingredients with which they are made, but even if you share the thoughts, memories, stories and emotions that make her mix them in a specific way to create her recipes. It is an invitation to get into her kitchen and in her mind, to taste flavors and thoughts.

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    Mozzarellas are the ideas that spring from her mind, or mozzarellas are the ones that let new cuisine creation ideas come to her mind.



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    The water that rains from the clouds gets deep into the ground and down until it can. And the water that gets into the dough and cooking, and that quenches thirst the plants and animals, gives form and substance to this menu.



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    The ancient Romans used to prepare the garum, a sauce that was obtained by fermenting small fishes sprinkled with salt in the sun and collecting the liquid that dripped.



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    Buffalo ricotta cheese is sister of buffalo mozzarella DOP. It’s still small, but promising.



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    Rude means rustic, brash, crude. Ours is a rude bread and bread and oil are an amazing appetizer. It’s also the business card of a restaurant.



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    Here, olive oil is from Campanian cultivations



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    Sorrento lemon sunbaths as tourists. Tourists tan, it turns yellow, rather large, filled with essential oils and C vitamin



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    San Marzano tomato is on everyone’s mouth and continues to grow, benefiting from sea’s influence, the minute and fertile volcanic ground, wells’ water and mild weather.


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    Piennolo Cherry Tomato VESUVIUS

    Red like splashes of molten lava, because they grew up on the old Vesuvio lava falls. Collected around the branch, they’re gathered in clusters and hung to dry in the shade as pendulums. The more they preserve themselves, the greater the concentration of flavor increases. (They are consumed by those who hardly produce them, but thankfully not all.)


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    Dry and fresh pasta, fundamental building blocks of the amazing building of Italian cuisine. In the dry version which is produced in Gragnano, the pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, mixed with the local water. Dried with skill.


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    Small cheeses seasoned with oil, vinegar, piperna and ground chilli. Washed with homemade pasta cooking water. Concentrate of flavor and essence, today this cheese is called Conciato Romano.


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    Skin smooth and waxy, tasty roundness. Crisp juiciness of its white flesh, its sweet sourly taste, its vitamins, its minerals, its fibers. Lying on straw sunbathing, Annurca apple completes its maturation.


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    The color is always red, vivid and dense. Buffalo meat grown up semi-wild between meadows and ponds. Its texture is soft, slightly marbled with fat in males, more nobly juicy in females.


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    Comes from Caserta u ‘pallarell, that means little ball, because when he was still cluster, it had little and roundy berries. But in becoming wine it is made robust, with a  solid body and balanced, softness, flavor of spices and chocolate, perfume and tobacco that is felt every time you approach. His name Pallagrello black IGT


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    LAMB Laticauda

    Latus cauda, wide tail. Actually, it’s a bag, more than a tail, in which is concentrated all the fat that the animal is able to store. Its flesh is lean and delicate.


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    Slate-colored skin, hardiness and fat, plentiful but noble. Beneficent patron divinity of local chefs, the black pig has being around since thousands of years ago in the countryside of Caserta, and it never let butchers and cooks miss his sapid comparison.


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    Cloaked and hooded figure of the shepherd cheese maker, guardian and officer of cheese making rite and ripening the Agerolese cow milk, fed with orange and olive leaves. Provolone del Monaco is wisely spicy and it smells of green grass and hazelnut.


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    Dessert has nothing to do with appetite. The cake is whim, pleasure, sin, excess, defect. Enjoy a dessert is a conscious act, reasonable. The cake is human. If it comes with strong spirits, too human.


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