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82-cuoca girovaga invito

Cook of great skill and tireless promoter of the products of its territory – the Caserta and the Campania all, but his desire to know and experience knows no geographical boundaries – Rosanna Marziale is also a passionate popularizer who has spent years dedicating to convey even the most Toddlers love, passion and curiosity about what they eat.

The chef of the restaurant Columns of Caserta – which has been awarded the prestigious Michelin Guide star in 2013 – already the author for books for children and adults (including the latest headlines The Mangiarime, illustrated book of recipes filastroccate written with Rosanna and Bazzano published by Editions Iemme, and Hurray Mozzarella! Proposals Gourmand with Bufala Campana published by Gribaudo) now becomes the protagonist of a cartoon in which she wanders Cook by vocation, is the discovery of the great protagonists of its food products.

The Annurca apple, a childhood friend with whom she shares the sunny afternoons stretched out on the apple orchards to “redden” (Rosanna and Annurca); the “mystery” of the fermentation at the base of the leavening of bread and wine production (Rosanna bread and wine); extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives of different cultivars, bacchiate hand (barrel of oil); the great tradition of Gragnano pasta in which bathing in a blaze of vermicelli and spars (Crik-crok a sea of ​​pasta); the nourishing Grana Padano cheese from the Po Valley that she brings to Caserta (A great family); the rich milk of buffaloes which gives mozzarella (Sisters of milk) and scented pizza that comes from the best grains and heat the oven, as tradition (The era of pizza).

The cook – born to turn into a family of cooks, and then educated from a young age to appreciate the products of nature and those of man – grinds kilometers to explain the importance of the product and healthy food in language suitable for children of kindergartens and early elementary grades. But on May 15, at the launch of the DVD, the virtual journey of Rosanna become a real tour to go and discover up close the products and the companies that participated in the project: Pastificio Di Martino, Molino Caputo, Agrisviluppo Caserta, Mozzarella Consortium di Bufala Campana DOP, Consorzio Grana Padano PDO.

The stages of the day – interspersed by the sight of several episodes of the cartoon – will be an opportunity to taste delicious: the Molino Caputo you can enjoy pizza in the stove booklet Franco Pepe Pepe Beans, after visiting the Molino led by Antimo Caputo . In Gragnano there will be opportunity to visit the city famous for pasta and the historic Pastificio Di Martino ACCOMPANIED BY Giuseppe Di Martino. Return to the Columns, in Caserta, an aperitif made from Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, Grana Padano DOP, Annurca apples and extra virgin olive oil.


Chef Rosanna Marziale, in the role of chef wanders.

Illustrator / animator: Alberto Cosentino

Stories: Paul Pagliani

Graphics: Alberto Grant

Dubbing and Translations: Tam Tam Studio