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2019 Our Chef Rosanna Marziale arrives at Forte Village

Chef Rosanna Marziale arrives at Forte Village: with her dishes the children’s restaurant menu becomes absolutely … irresistible!
“If you don’t taste it how will you know if you like it?!?” I don’t know what to make up to make you eat some vegetables! “” We can’t always eat hamburgers and fries! ”
Often a balanced diet, varied and rich in vegetables can be a difficult undertaking for children, especially the smaller ones. But Forte Village, the one of a kind resort in South Sardinia, is known for its ability to amaze, to be able to create novelties that can involve the whole family.
The resort has succeeded once again thanks to the precious collaboration with the Michelin Star Chef Rosanna Marziale and Mattel which dedicated a Barbie to her that celebrates the ability with which she managed to break the mold, revolutionizing the schemes of haute cuisine to inspire future generations.
The new dishes of the Children’s Restaurant created by the Chef Marziale will surely leave the little guests of the resort in awe … Indeed, with their mouths shut! Spaghetti are presented in polka dots, meatballs are transformed into ‘bomboloni’ which enclose a heart of new potatoes, fish sticks of the day and breaded vegetables with toasted corn flakes, and, legendary Braccio di Ferro hamburgers …And why not even the home-made hot dogs of chicken, beef and fish.
Yes, because the concept that guided the Chef is to satisfy the desires of children, with some (and not only) of the dishes they love most, but revisited and made with zero-kilometer products, to meet the most rigorous healthy rules that all mothers want to follow to feed their young.
Eating healthy while having fun, tasting vegetables that traditionally would not even be looked at and would trigger the usual tantrums, to return from a dream vacation saying: WOW you know that I like spinach a lot!
And to continue at home having the same appeal as the food of Chef Marziale, parents cannot escape the fun cooking classes organized by Forte Village to share recipes and tricks of the trade in the kitchen with their children … To go home and cook delicacies together that they will remember from their unforgettable vacation!