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Thanksgiving day, four star chefs for a tricolor menu

November 28th ThanksgivingDay. For the occasion, Rosanna Marziale, Moreno Cedroni, Viviana Varese and Angelo Troiani have designed typical American dishes in Italian style.

To invent the recipe is Rosanna Marziale, Michelin starred chef of the restaurant Le Colonne Marziale of Caserta and known as the lady of the Mozzarella of Bufala Campana dop.
Also in this case, therefore, the excellent product of the CampaniaFelix could not fail to become the ingredient that ennobles and gives taste to turkey. “I thought of stuffing it with a filling of local specialties, such as the “Friarielli”, the “pane cafone”, the sausage and Mozzarella of Bufala Campana dop”.
If all this were not enough, to give color and taste to the Marziale’s turkey, she thought of glazing it with the black Palagrello, a traditional wine of the territory.

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