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Temporary Restaurant

Le Colonne and San Bartolomeo casa in campagna, the restaurant goes to the country for a while.

Two Marziale’s restaurants hat for a few months become one, so twice as much energy concentrated in one place.
The city is a place where people come together, but it is also a place full of boundaries: the streets, the houses, the apartments establish endless separations. To reopen the restaurant in the city respecting the rules imposed by the anti contagion measures would mean to increase in an almost ridiculous way these divisions: tables at least 2 meters apart, diners who can’t sit in front of each other… in the city to stay together you have to separate.

The countryside is an apparently boundless place where these rules are applied spontaneously, because the space between the tables and the people is filled with the open air, the scent of flowers, birdsong and insects. The park of San Bartolomeo then simulates very well a place even less anthropized than the companion, an eden in which human relationships are naturalized. In the coming months we will have the opportunity to re-celebrate the union between Man and Nature.

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Temporary Restaurant