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La Carta Marziale

On May, 12th,  will be on the tables of the restaurant “Le Colonne” the new project “La Carta Marziale. Cards of products and manufacturers along with dishes created by chef Rosanna Marziale

“La Carta Maziale” is a menu, is a booklet of minimal stories of products and recipes, mental and physical itineraries. The “Carta” is a reflection of Chef Rosanna Marziale, his creativity and her restlessness, her desire to learn and to aggregate. Flicking “La Carta Marziale”, we learn where and by who, with names and phone numbers, the ingredients that the chef uses to prepare her dishes come, fundamental data to the customer and local tourists with which can create, if they want, a map of the excellent food Bells; it becomes more familiar with the meaning of the PDO, PGI and Slow Food, which often come with the names of the products; and of course, you will be informed about what you can eat in the restaurant “Le Colonne” in Caserta, where the chef Marziale cooks every day, except Tuesdays, its full menu or choice, a more brisk for those who must return to work immediately.

Contenuti Rosanna Marziale, the chef at “Le Colonne” restaurant in Caserta, is Ambassador of Mozzarella di Bufala in the world for the Consortium for the Protection of the DOP. But she feels herself ambassador of her own region as always tells it through her recipes. A book, which will be the new menu of the restaurant “Le Colonne” that tells stories of products and recipes by networking all those who belong to them.

Reasons to sell For the first time a menu becomes a guide of products and manufacturers tracing awards which belong and their meaning.

Autore Rosanna Marziale: she is the chef of the family restaurant “Le Colonne” in Caserta and Ambassador of Mozzarella di Bufala in the world for the Consortium for the Protection of the DOP. It is one of the best known and esteemed women chefs in Italy; she honed her craft working with Gianfranco Vissani and Martin Berasategui and has recently won the first Michelin star. Her cuisine is inspired by local tradition and her focus on local ingredients.

Title: La Carta Marziale

Author: Rosanna Marziale

EAN: 9-788861-330733

Pages: 80

Price: 20.00

Format: A.5

Release Date: April 2014

From an idea of ​​Rosanna Marziale

Stories of Paul Pagliani

Illustrations Gwendolyn Ravazzoni

Graphic Alberto Grant

Special thanks to the Sponsors of the initiative

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