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Evviva la Mozzarella


Rosanna Marziale, from “Le Colonne” restaurant in Caserta, is Ambassador of Buffalo Mozzarella all over the world for DOP safeguard consortium, so who can speak about this gorgeous meal better than her? A greedy and attractive book made to let people discover mozzarella in all of its meanings, sweet and salted, with complicated recipes, but easily-to-repeat at home: from “Mozzarella Arancinos” to cannelloni with rocket salad and mozzarella, from puff pastry and mushrooms to asparagusses in a golden rind, from chicory “fagottini” to sardines’ little bites, pine nuts and raisin,  from crispy cannelloni to the pizza “upside down”. To end with a bang, what about the mozzarella cake, the autumnal pie or the “black and white”?

The book

Symbolic product of Italian excellence, Campanian Buffalo is protagonist of exclusive recipes which were born from Rosanna Marziale’s passion and talent, “starred” chef who comments the tradition trough 100 ideas to taste mozzarella in all of its meanings. Lots of recipes sweet and salted combined with simple or polished ingredients, easily-to-make at home, make this book the one and only, refined and good for the most sophisticated palates as well. From the meeting between a great product and a great sign, a lot of gourmand proposals are blown, that will let you taste all of the freshness and the goodness of one of the most appreciated meals all over the world.

cost: 50 €

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