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A tasting bread and water

Caserta, October 24, 2013 – A collaboration of Ferrarelle and starred restaurant Caserta Columns born in Bread and Water, the new sensory aperitif signed by the chef Rosanna Marziale presented today at the Colonial Park in Mozzi Sources Riardo, effervescent natural cradle for excellence. Fourth series of tastings in mp3 proposed by chef in the family restaurant, the new welcome drink continues the line of approach to taste Columns pursuing for several years celebrating -as suggested by the narrator of the tasting stessa-

“The food and the drink essential to man, the first gastronomic pleasure, tasted for the first time thousands of years ago, together with the first words,”

that the frenzy of modern times and tastes are likely to forget. Rosanna Marziale, elected Chef of the Year in 2012 and awarded the famous star of the red carpet, extends the range of tasting his Columns bringing back the two main ingredients and at the same time the simplest of food: bread, revisited in ‘ dough with flour and mozzarella pureed, and mineral water, represented by the number one sparkling mineral.

“The idea of ​​an appetizer with bread and water has no intention of penance or dietary” says the chef, “enjoying a glass of water after enjoying a bite of bread has more the flavor of a reset, a reset taste which can be a precondition to a new and more conscious food sensitivities “.

Although we all seem colorless, odorless and tasteless, the waters are not all the same and the chef Martial proves it by choosing a mineral water “of these parts … which preserves the memory of ancient eruptions”, because it is the result of the volcanic soil Park Riardo Valley in Assano, which enriches spontaneously mineral salts and carbon dioxide from which it derives its natural effervescence, the only certified by the independent SGS. Ferrarelle is also to appreciate the balanced structure in its part at the same time sweet and sour and his ability to bring out the flavors thanks to its fine and pleasantly mild, which burst onto the palate a tingly feeling very nice and smooth and stands the view to the large number, the finesse and persistence of its bubbles.

Because “if a food lover can not appreciate the water, not be able to fully enjoy all the rest.”