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New Year’s Eve 2015 – Shots of Taste


Did they know that the columns in addition to being a Michelin star restaurant is also a bakery that bakes panettone delicious like chocolate, beer or coffee. Rosanna Marziale does not miss a mention of his favorite ingredient: the buffalo (understood not only mozzarella).

  • Codfish oil olive powder and Caiazzane supeRinforzo with papaccella Neapolitan
  • Tagliolini ghee and casting
  • Ravioli with lobster sauce Marseillaise and oranges
  • Fried fish, vegetables and chips
  • Dip fennel, radishes, celery and tangerines
  • Cotechino and lentils very
  • Rococo molten chocolate souffle
  • Small pastry with crispy struffoli, susamielli, mustacciuoli, cassatine and fun
  • Ferrarelle water and natural. Falerno wine. The Winegrowers Sparkling Moscato of Santo Stefano

Restaurant The Columns. Viale G. Douhet, 7. Caserta. Tel. +39 0823.467494